Your Top Five Must-See Places In Florida

Florida is abundant in places to see and things to do. You could happily and easily spend a year here on vacation and never spend two days doing the same thing! So if you are staying in Florida for a limited period of time, what are the top places that you should see? Here come five picks that are well worth considering.

A Visit To Miami Beach

Miami Beach in connected to mainland Florida by several bridges. If you are coming to Florida, Miami Beach really is a spot worth putting on your travel itinerary.

The beach is known for it’s stunning golden sands and cool art deco architecture that surrounds it. Like many visitors to the area, you will likely find that your expectations will not be disappointed!

Along the beach you will find the famous Ocean Drive, offering plenty of hotels and restaurants to choose from.

Dry Tortugas National Park

This is an ideal spot for water lovers. With plenty of stunning snorkeling opportunities, these incredible reef islands are all about spending plenty of time on the beach and in the beautiful water!

Duval Street In Key West

Full of Caribbean charm and stunning architecture, Duval Street in Key West provides a memorable and enchanting experience. You’ll find an incredible atmosphere, great restaurants and a host of shops to keep you entertained all day long.

Salvador Dali Museum

The appearance of this museum is certainly very visually striking. Resembling a glass sphere emerging from a box design, it’s an attraction that sure is hard to miss. Inside you will find an interesting collection of Dali’s work, including insight into his life. For art and sculpture lovers, this is an attraction that should not be missed.

St Augustine’s Historic District

For stunning architecture, curious historic sites and a taste of authentic culture, St Augustine’s Historic District is well worth a visit. Even if you are not quite so passionate about history, you’ll still be able to enjoy incredible views of the coastline.

Certainly, Florida has far too many must-see places to list here. However, the above choices give a great sample of what Florida is all about. Whether you are into fine dining, crazy roller coasters, historic sites or a spot of designer shopping, Florida can deliver on every front. That’s why it truly makes an exceptional destination for all types of travelers!