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Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach rank ahead of Miami for nightlife. Wait, what?

YOLO Fort Lauderdale

Miami is known for its boom-boom-boom pulsing nightlife. Just ask Drake, Pitbull and the gang from MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

But in a new national ranking of top cities for nightlife scene, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach all ranked ahead of the Magic City.

On Friday, Apartment Guide released its rankings for the 50 best cities for nightlife. The rental unit guide factored in “the ratio of bars, clubs, breweries and music venues to the population” of cities with more than 100,000 residents

It sounds like they didn’t actually spend any time partying at Club E11EVEN in downtown Miami, YOLO in downtown Fort Lauderdale or hit Clematis Street in West Palm Beach for the study. Researchers just did some math from their desks.

Fort Lauderdale came in No. 9 in the report, while Orlando was No. 10. West Palm Beach came in No. 12, one spot behind Las Vegas.

Pompano Beach was No. 18, while Miami came in 25th. The Miami ranking referred to the city of Miami and not Miami Beach.

Fort Lauderdale was highlighted for having a nightlife-related business for every 1,637 people.

“Just north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is known as much for its beaches as it is for Las Olas Boulevard, a bustling strip of bars, cafes and boutiques,” the study said.

It counted 57 bars, 38 clubs and two breweries among the nightlife amenities. “And when none of your crew wants to be the designated driver, you can always opt for a different kind of pub crawl aboard a group bike.”

The study didn’t say much about Miami except that it has a nightlife-related business per 2,328 residents, while West Palm Beach had such a business per 1,778 residents.

The Midwest dominated the top of the list.

St. Louis ranked first, followed by Cincinnati, Dayton, Green Bay, Wisconsin and Cleveland.

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